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Dr. James Shaw is a licensed clinical psychologist 

Being Genuine

About Our Practice 

When people come to see me for therapy or coaching, I want them to know that they are getting GENUINE service.  Genuine is defined as sincere, authentic, and truly is what is shown on the outside.

There are no therapy tricks or deceptive techniques to fool a client into behaving differently.  Our clients are too smart for that.  I don’t know if other therapists use such techniques, but at Genuine Psychology Center, we will speak the truth and be authentic to who we are.  We want you to see the therapist for who they truly are.

Carl Rogers was one of the founding fathers of psychotherapy.  He believed as we do that for a person to grow, he or she needs an environment of genuineness from the therapist.  Much of Rogers’ work involved incongruence between a person’s real self and the self that one portrays.

We want to help people grow, not change who they are.  We want people to learn to be themselves while releasing aspects of themselves which are disturbing them so that one can be happier and healthier during their life.

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