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Dr. James Shaw is a licensed clinical psychologist 

Anger Control

Anger Control

Anger Control Services

Many of us struggle with controlling anger in some situations. My program really works. Other programs tell you to count to ten, breathe, or walk away once you get angry. My program will help you not get angry in the first place. I will explain anger and why people get angry. I will help you with your specific situations which lead to anger as well as some general situations. Once you learn the thoughts techniques to keep your heart rate under control, you will need to practice this just like you would anything else to start behaving differently. You will not need to change your personality, just control anger within your personality. There is no magic. It takes some work, but the work will pay off in results.

Anger was needed 4000 years ago when we faced dangerous predators. It is not needed today but is still practiced by many who perceive dangerous when a situation is not dangerous. You worked hard to get the relationships you have but a fit of anger can destroy these relationships. By working with me, we can learn to control anger and maintain our important relationships.

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